What home trends will stick around for 2015?

Décor, like fashion, is cyclical. That lamp that was hot 40 years ago, then stale during the ’80s, looks fresh again with a new shade.

Let’s face it, though, most of us can’t afford to redecorate our homes every time a new (or retro) material or color splashes onto the scene. And even if you could afford to incorporate a number of new trends, would you want to? Your home could turn into the equivalent of a middle-age woman who dresses like her teenage daughter: an unsightly mess.

But even a house full of classic furniture and accessories begins to look dated if something new isn’t integrated once in a while. So it’s a balancing act.

The key is figuring out which new item, color or material introduced each year has staying power. We’ve consulted with three Kansas City-area interior designers – John Rufenacht of John Rufenacht Associates in Kansas City, Mo.; Jill Tran of Tran+Thomas Design Studio in Shawnee, Kan.; and Jaclyn Joslin, of Coveted Home in Prairie Village, Kan.

Open kitchen shelving

Using open shelving in place of some upper cabinets in the kitchen makes the space look larger, noted Tran.

Photo credit Top 22 Extraordinary Kitchens with Open Shelves


Black and white

Always a classic, black and white will slowly transition into more and more color, Tran said.

Photo credit from: Room Ideas In Line With The Current Housing Trends



Gleaming brass is back, and it’s staying.

“It is popping up everywhere — case goods, accessories, lamps, you name it,” Joslin said.

Photo credit from: / Hall


Shades of blue

Blues are very livable colors. It’s fresh and there are so many shades and ways you can take it.”

Photo credit from: Most Popular Interior Design Color Palettes


Vintage decor

The passion for the past and our love of mixing things up will continue.

“Our own history will always be in fashion,” Tran said. “The finishes may change, and people may not find as much value in a crusty paint look, but there’s always a demand for eclectic in traditional homes.”

People love mixing high, low and vintage, Joslin said. “It creates the ultimate ‘collected’ vibe in a home.”

Photo credit from: with 80’s Style: Ideas and Inspiration


Wood grain walls

People want wood, Rufenacht said, but now we’re seeing it in gray, whitened and bleached shades.

Photo credit from:, Wood, and More Wood



Cowhides can be incorporated into fancier looks, Tran added. “The hides will become more refined in their texture, and how we treat them will change.”

Photo credit from: Top 5 Interior Design Trends To Look For 2015




Burlap was a trend several years ago,” Joslin said. “While it certainly adds texture to a room, it can be difficult to use because it’s not very comfortable for upholstery and it tends to look a little country or dated if not styled properly.”

Photo credit from: TRENDS: BURLAP


Home theaters

As technology changes, designated home theaters might be going dark. “If you have room-darkening blinds, any room can become a theater if you have a big enough wall for the TV,” Tran said.

Photo credit from: Home Theater, Theater Room, and more!




SOURCES: What home trends will stick around for 2015? What home trends will stick around for 2015?


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